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2057 Mildred St. W. | Fircrest, WA | 253-201-7171 | 11am-6pm Mon-Sat, 11am-4pm Sun
Brand Spotlight: Geometry Tea Towels (+ Our Fave New Designs!)

Brand Spotlight: Geometry Tea Towels (+ Our Fave New Designs!)

If you've been in our storefront, you probably know we take our kitchen towels pretty seriously. We have all kinds, from flour sack to cotton, but by far our most popular ones are by Geometry! Geometry, as a brand, began with the desire to bring functional and well-designed products into the home. The California-based company launched this goal with their microfiber, waffle-weave kitchen tea towels, and have found a strong, loyal following (us included!) that just keeps growing.

There's so much to love about Geometry kitchen towels: they're super absorbent, quick drying, incredibly soft, and effective at cleaning gently. Those reasons are more than enough to earn them their diehard following, but we think what makes people love them all the more are the amazing, different designs they come in. With colors and styles that run the gamut, it's always exciting when we get new designs in. So why not give a quick tour of some of our favorites here?

A rectangular, light blue tea towel with daisies all over it. The daisies have white petals and yellow centers.

Daisy Days Kitchen Towel - 16

For a touch of whimsy, we love the Daisy Days towel! The pastel blues and yellows aren't loud at all, but contrast with each other beautifully. Not to mention the flowers that cover the towel itself are just too sweet. This would be perfect for a kitchen in need of some brightness, or if you just love florals! 

A rectangular tea towel with an abstract pattern of layered organic shapes. The shapes are green, pink, orange, terra cotta, and off white.

Fan Kitchen Towel - 16

This kitchen towel is an instant classic, with super on-trend colors and a pleasant abstract design. We're in love with the bit of texture added through dot patterns. It makes a good choice as a hostess gift, since it's sure to go with virtually any style!

A rectangular tea towel with organic blob shapes on an off-white background. The shapes are cream and shades of teal. There are sections with circles of small white dots over the shapes.

Snow Drops Kitchen Towel - 16

The Snow Drops towel is a breath of fresh air. The muted teals look lovely with the warm neutrals, creating a calm feeling design. The groups of white dots, reminiscent of a cluster of snow drop flowers, give it a touch of playfulness, too!

A rectangular tea towel. The bottom third is black, and the top third has uneven stripes of earth tones, white, and pink blending into each other.

Top Layer Kitchen Towel - 16

This is a design that blends softness and edge. The bold black bottom third is balanced by watercolor-textured layers of pinks and neutrals on the top. This would be the perfect addition to a modern or industrial kitchen.

A rectangular with a chevron pattern. The pattern has a color gradient, it is aqua colored on the bottom fades into light grey on the top.

Going Up Kitchen Towel - 16

This is another towel with a calming and refreshing color palette that we just adore. The chevron pattern, constructed of rectangles with a watercolor texture, creates an organic gradient from aqua to light grey. We could see this looking wonderful in a light-filled, light-colored kitchen.

A rectangular tea towel. There are many shallow frequency waves, parallel against a white background. Frequency Kitchen Towel - 16

A simple design motif, when well executed, will never go out of style! The parallel waves on the Frequency towel are actually a beautiful shade of dark blue. Contrast the geometric style of this design with an organic style in a similar color palette - for example, the painterly In the Distance towel.

There's an even greater selection of Geometry towel designs on our website and, of course, in our store. All of the towels are 18 by 30 inches, machine washable, and feature hanging loops. We love the thought put into every design, and the variety of styles that they offer. And, of course, how well the towels themselves perform!

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