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2057 Mildred St. W. | Fircrest, WA | 253-201-7171 | 11am-6pm Mon-Sat, 11am-4pm Sun
Brand Spotlight: Northern Lights

Brand Spotlight: Northern Lights

Featured in this Brand Spotlight is a maker of taper candles, wax melts, scented candles in reusable vessels, and more. They're a brand with a proud history of handmade candles, and commitment to handmade, quality goods that enhance the home and make space for peaceful, mindful moments.
Northern Lights was founded in 1978 and has operated for more than 40 years with an unswerving dedication to the art of candlemaking. Every aspect of their products, from choosing vessels to hand-pouring every batch, is done with intention and care.  All Northern Lights products are made by hand with high quality ingredients, like their natural waxes and highly scented fragrances. This pays off, as they are remarkably clean burning, long-lasting, and scented.
We love the range in their products, too. Aside from all kinds of candles, they make wax melts, candle accessories, and reed diffusers (just to name a few things)! Whether you're a longtime fan of Northern Lights or new to their entire brand, take a look at some of our favorite products of theirs that we carry. 
Many cubic wax melts of different colors are on a flat surface, pouring out of a jar, a scoop, and a paper pack.
Wax Melt Pillow Pack (In-store only) - 7.50
One of the most popular of their products is definitely their wax melts, which you can mix and match as you like! While we only sell these in-store, we still wanted to highlight them for anyone because they're a great alternative to flame-burning candles. Simply scoop as much as can fit into the convenient paper pouch! The colorful cubes of scented wax are a fun way to play around with scent combos to find your own favorite blends. The scents we currently offer are: Farmstand Peach, Fresh Linen, Vanila Cream, Whiskey & Tobacco, Ginger Tea & Honey, and Lavender Vanilla. They're highly scented so a little goes a long way!
A ceramic wax melter is on a wooden board. It is next to a jar of wax melts labeled "Ginger Tea & Honey". There is a mug of tea and several cubes of wax melts scattered around.
To go with those wax melts, try this simple and beautiful wax melt warmer! No flame required, so if you're not into the fire or smoke of a candle this is is a great alternative. We love how thoughtfully it's designed: the lightbulb both heats the wax and sends out a gentle, soothing glow from the holes in the container, and the white glaze on clay base will look good wherever it goes. Not to mention the dish for holding the wax is removable and easy to clean.
Nine taper candles, two pink, four white, and three tan, are on a table with a white tablecloth, each in a metal taper holder.
We carry many colors of 12-inch tapers by Northern Lights, and they're all equally great. Tapers in tasteful colors can be harder to come by, though, so why not try one in Rosewood, a beautiful dusky pink? All the tapers are unfragranced, so perfect for everyday use. We have found them to be remarkably even-burning  and virtually dripless (and long-lasting, burning at a rate of one inch per hour)! They're designed to fit a standard taper holder, but if yours doesn't quite fit snugly, Northern Lights also sells a super convenient adhesive to keep your candles in place.
Several glass bottles of varying styles and colors are arranged on a table. They have candle holders inserted in the top, with white, lit taper candles.
To go with your new tapers, why not try the Bottelabra? This is an ingenious accessory for your candles: a candle holder that fits in a bottle opening! If you have a beautiful bottle of wine you can't bear to toss, or a collection of vintage bottles with tons of character, the Bottelabra can transform them into a candle holder! We love to pair Northern Lights tapers with it, but it's available in taper or tealight sizes. 
The sand-sculpted series of candles are totally unique. The shape of the vessel is carved by hand into a block of sand, and then hand-poured with a coconut-blend wax. Once the wax has cooled, the excess sand is brushed away and the entire vessel is sealed. Inspired by how canyons are shaped and formed by eroding forces, the candle is likewise scented to reflect that. Notes of lemon, eucalyptus, jasmine, sandalwood, and more combine in a balanced, soothing scent profile.
Several pastel colored taper candles with a shimmery texture are placed in candle holders. They are surrounded by various decor items, such as a pyramid glass terrarium and a vase with a daisy.

 We love a classic taper, but we also love a new take on an old favorite! The gently textured, sparkling crystalline taper candles by Northern Lights are a delight for the eyes. They achieve the unique effect by dipping the tapers in a crystalline wax mixture once they've been formed. The pastel colors are beautiful, too, and it all comes together for a magical effect.

Northern Lights brings their passion and experience to everything they do, and their consistent quality and craftsmanship makes their products a joy to carry. Even more of their products are available in our store or online, and we hope you'll find something that speaks to you!

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