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2057 Mildred St. W. | Fircrest, WA | 253-201-7171 | 11am-6pm Mon-Sat, 11am-4pm Sun
2057 Mildred St. W. | Fircrest, WA | 253-201-7171 | 11am-6pm Mon-Sat, 11am-4pm Sun
Brands We Love: Oh Happy Plants!

Brands We Love: Oh Happy Plants!

We never thought a box of dirt could make us so damn happy. 

Now while some may see a box of dirt as, well, a box of dirt, we choose to see it as so much more. This is in part because we know this particular dirt is packed full of essential plant nutrients like alfalfa meal, rock dust, and charcoal. It's also because we know it was created by the brilliant plant experts at Oh Happy Plants. 

Since The Crest Home opened its doors, Oh Happy Plants has been on our shelves. Founded by Veronica Oh Happy, a self proclaimed “professional plant nerd,” Oh Happy Plants is still a relatively young brand but is backed by years of knowledge and thousands of plants worth of experience. 

Back in 2019, Oh Happy was working as a horticulturist around the Puget Sound tending to houseplants in offices. By working in buildings of all different temperatures and microclimates with a wide spectrum of plants, Oh Happy was able to cultivate a vast plant knowledge. Through her work, Oh Happy began to recognize their behavior patterns, specific needs, and care solutions. 

In 2021, Oh Happy transitioned fully to Oh Happy Plants and has been giving vital  knowledge to plant parents across the country. In addition to providing fellow plant lovers with top tier products, Oh Happy is spreading plant wisdom on the brand’s podcast, “The Houseplant Coach.” 

As another small, woman owned business, we’re proud to carry Oh Happy Plant products in our shop. The Crest’s resident plant expert Devin Guerrero uses Oh Happy Plant products both in the shop and her own home. “I like the Bath Concentrate because it doesn’t clog the pores on the leaves and it allows for better photosynthesis and it doesn’t get caked up like other plant cleaners.” 

An Oh Happy Plants product means a healthy plant and ecstatic plant lover. It’s no wonder a box of dirt can make us so damn happy. 

Check out some of The Crest Home staff’s favorite Oh Happy Plants products! 

Bath Spray

Tropical Climber Blend

Bath Concentrate

Desert Succulent Blend 

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