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Brands We Love: Rose City Pepperheads Jelly

Brands We Love: Rose City Pepperheads Jelly

Joining The Crest’s always expanding list of Brands We Love, we happily introduce you to a new charcuterie board staple: Rose City Pepperheads.

Founded and based in Portland by Susan McCormick, Rose City Pepperheads is a local, farm to jar pepper jelly company. Before Rose City Pepperheads was officially founded, McCormick was making pepper jellies simply for her love to cook and create. While making jellies she realized though just how sneakily versatile of an ingredient it can be by helping to spice up grilled meats or adding a sweet hint to sauces. So, in 1997, McCormick started Rose City Pepperheads on a mission to share her pepper jellies with Portland and any other open table or pantry.

Rose City Pepperheads stand out from supermarket brand pepper jellies for several distinctive reasons. First, McCormick works with local farmers to ensure her jellies are made with organic, top tier produce. She holds her commitment to high quality ingredients to such a high standard, that she grows her own peppers to be used directly in Pepperhead jellies.

Secondly, McCormick’s jellies stand out for the number of impressive awards they’ve managed to rack up. Most notably, at the Scovie Awards, an annual competition to find the hottest foods in the country, Pepperhead jellies have won more than 50 awards. Though for those who prefer a more mild taste, fear not, Pepperhead offers jellies that range across the spiciness spectrum.

So, next time you’re looking to add some heat to your meal, head for some Rose City Pepperheads jelly. And look below for some of our favorite flavors. Happy snacking!


Mango Madness: With just the tiniest hint of spice, this is a great jelly to add to a charcuterie board to pair with cured meats or creamy cheeses.

Raspberry Habanero: This jelly ups the spice factor to bring the best of both sweet raspberries and hot habanero peppers. Try as a glaze on chicken, pork, or whatever other meat is on the menu.

Sneaky Ghost Pepper: Combining all the fiery heat of habanero peppers, Thai chilis, red jalapeños, and the famous ghost pepper, this is one of the hottest jellies Pepperheads offers. And be warned, “sneaky” is in the name for good reason as the ghost pepper adds a final punch of spice!

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