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Cookbooks for Quick + Easy Meals

Cookbooks for Quick + Easy Meals

We're always on the hunt for quick, easy, and delicious recipes. The kitchen doesn't wait even when life gets too hectic, so having options for those busy weeknights is important. Luckily, many talented cooks have tackled this very issue in some cookbooks full of brilliantly simple, no-stress meals. Using streamlined ingredient lists, easy techniques, and preparation, these cookbooks make cooking a breeze while still giving you delicious, impressive meals. Let's get started!

 A book cover with top-down views of various food and a wooden spoon. The title reads "Fast Easy Cheap Vegan"

Fast Easy Cheap Vegan - 24.95

10 ingredients, $10, and 30 minutes. With that, or less, you can make every recipe in this book. Whether you're vegan or not, Sam Turnbull's extremely convenient and streamlined recipes are universally useful. Her plant-based cooking is cost-effective and easy, but still delicious, and uses many time-saving, smart strategies that can be applied to other favorite recipes, too! With many make-ahead, one pot, and freezer-friendly meals, Fast Easy Cheap Vegan is the perfect cookbook for the busy home cook.

A book cover with a light yellow background. There is a top-down view of four containers of prepared food. A red circle over the images reads "The 5 Minute, 5 Ingredient Lunchbox"

The 5-Minute, 5-Ingredient Lunchbox - 19.95

If you're tired of buying lunches during your work week, then this is the cookbook for you. Split into five sections—Wraps, Beans + Legumes, Grains + Seeds, Noodles + Zoodles, and Bento Boxes—every recipe is easy, cost-effective, and ready in minutes. Prepare lunches in bulk every week, or get one ready each day. Either way, you'll be saving money and time and, most importantly, you'll be adding a moment of mindful eating that will make every day better. 

An image of a book on a dark background. The cover has an image of a dark green leaf. The title "Everyday Fresh" is in white over the center of the image, the author name Donna Hays is on top.

Everyday Fresh: Meals in Minutes - 29.99

Everyday Fresh is a delightful to look at as to cook from. Recipes for low-fuss, fresh, and quick meals are interspersed with beautiful photography and design, leaving all readers inspired to cook fresh, delicious food for themselves. When you cook smarter, using Donna Hay's strategies and tips, you have more time and money for ingredients you love. 

A book cover with a top-down view of a sheet pan with roasted chicken legs, onions, and carrots. Over the image is a dark blue horizontal banner with the title "Sheet Pan Everything"

Sheet Pan Everything - 25

In the world of quick and easy cooking, sheet pan meals are popular for a reason. Easy to prepare, hands-off, and endlessly customizable, they're perfect for cooks with a set it and forget it approach. Especially if you're cooking for a family! Every meal in this book (barring pasta, rice, or certain grains) is completely cooked on a sheet pan. It has all of the tips and tricks you need to be prepped and on your way to a delicious dinner with minimal hustle and bustle.

An image of several books, and platters of white pumpkins, on a black background. The book cover reads "Half Baked Harvest Super Simple" and has the image of a food on an oval plate.

Half Baked Harvest: Super Simple - 29.99

We're all big fans of Tieghan Gerard's cooking blog "Half Baked Harvest" for its homey, approachable, delicious recipes. Her cookbook Super Simple is even better, because it focuses on convenient, prep-able meals that are just as comforting as her other recipes. You still get amazing, cozy meals, but with streamlined and simplified processes. Full of vibrant flavors and instant classics, Super Simple provides a meal for every situation.  

An image of a book on a concrete background. The book has a light peach background, and the top reads "Super Natural Simple". There is a top-down image of several bowls and plates of food on a floral tablecloth.

Super Natural Simple - 28

When you look through Super Natural Simple, it doesn't seem possible that such amazing meals could be easy. Heidi Swanson has a way of putting together meals that seem too good to be true, but are simple and delicious. Taking inspiration from growing up in California, Swanson's cooking style is straightforward but creative, with unexpected combinations of flavors that still allow the ingredients to shine as they are. The recipes cover everything from breakfast to dinner to drinks, with bonus sections on pantry items and cooking tools Swanson recommends. This is a beautiful book for beautiful, achievable meals, by one of the nations top food writers.

 Whether your vegan, vegetarian, or just looking for a quick, easy, and delicious meal, these cookbooks provide the perfect inspiration and recipes to succeed in the kitchen even during the busiest of weeks! But the fun doesn't stop here, to check out all of our cookbooks from drinks to dessert and everything in between click here!

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