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Everything Charcuterie: Boards, Utensils, Books, + More! (DRAFT)

Everything Cheese Plates: Boards, Utensils, Books, + More!

Who doesn't love cheese boards? Whether a party centerpiece or a decadent dinner, cheese plates are a beautiful, easy, and delicious celebration of some of the best foods. Our boards, books, and utensils are among the most popular items in the store, and for good reason! Investing in a beautiful serving board or perfect set of spreaders will elevate your cheese plate game. We've put together some ideas for our favorite cheese board essentials (psst! They make great gifts, too!). 

A collage of a book, a set of four small mother-of-pearl forks, and a long rectangular wooden board with a handle. The book is titled "On Boards" and shows a top-down view of charcuterie.

On Boards - 20

Oak Plank Board - 68 

Seashell Forks - 28

If you're planning to entertain, let On Boards be your guide. Author Lisa Bolton focuses on boards for parties and events; inside the book you'll find over 50 recipes and plenty of tips for effortless, crowd-pleasing boards that will blow your guests away. A large, beautiful wooden plank is best for large gatherings, giving each element space to shine. A set of small forks in beautiful mother-of-pearl (we also have the spoons and spreaders!) will make it easy for guests to serve themselves. 

A collage of a book, a square wooden tray with an indented area, a wooden scoop, and a set of utensils with wooden handles. The book's title is "Boards, platters, plates" and has images of charcuterie.

Boards, Platters, and Plates - 19.95

Chiku Scoop/Cup - 16

Chiku Platter with Thumb Indent - 62

Gold and Wood Cheese Set - 48 

Use Boards, Platters, and Plates to assemble the perfect board for any occasion. Author Maria Zizka's approach is all about ease and flexibility, focusing on beautiful results that are easy to eat, too! The Chiku platter, made from beautiful teak wood, is the perfect size for when you're keeping it intimate. We love to see it paired with the matching cup for dips, tapenade, name it! And, of course, cheese boards need utensils to cut, spread, and assemble the components, so why not opt for a set with similar warm wood and a pop of gold?

A collage with a book cover, a gold cheese knife with pointed end, and a rounded rectangular marble tray with chipped, gold trimmed edges and a gold cup.

That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life - 28

Gold Finish Cheese Knife - 8

Chipped Marble Dip Tray - 39.95

Marissa Mullen's "Cheese by Numbers" method is ingenious in its simplicity. Every cheese board should have a balance of 6 components: cheese, meat, produce, crunch, dip, and garnish. While her book That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life is full of recipes, it's her method that will teach you how to improvise and assemble your own ideal plate, with her examples as inspiration. In the spirit of self care with which this book is written, why not use this wonderful marble tray as your personal cheese board, complete with a gold dip cup? This handy cheese knife, with pointed ends for picking up slices, makes the perfect accessory, too.A collage with a round marble tray, a set of four utensils with copper handles, and a green glazed ceramic pot from above, with a wooden spreader attached.

Round Marble Tray - 48

Cheese Cutlery Set with Copper Finish - 32

Reactive Glaze Brie Baker - 29.95

 It's easy for cheese boards to all start to look the same, so why not choose something unique for how you present it? This round marble tray is a beautiful, elegant piece that's also totally different from a rectangular wooden board. The empty center can be filled with a floral centerpiece or even more food! The reactive glaze brie baker fits perfectly in the center of this tray, and is definitely a showstopper element to any cheesy meal. Complete the setup with four different utensils with lovely shiny copper handles, and you have a standout cheese plate in the making. 


Cheese boards mean indulgence, creativity, and gathering with friends (though making one just for yourself is also encouraged!). The visual component of a cheese plate is important, so it's rewarding to have appealing ways of presenting your masterpiece. Take your charcuterie to the next level with our boards, utensils, books, and accessories, all available online or in the store!


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