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2057 Mildred St. W. | Fircrest, WA | 253-201-7171 | 11am-6pm Mon-Sat, 11am-4pm Sun
Our Favorite Locally-Made Candles

Our Favorite Locally-Made Candles

What's better than a scented candle? A locally made, small batch, hand-poured one, of course!

We're proud to stock a wide variety of candles from local makers (many of whom have become friends along the way), and can say with confidence that they're some of our favorite candles ever. The difference lies in the care put into each and every product: natural and high-quality waxes, carefully hand-mixed scents, and even vessels are all chosen with intention. To give these makers their well-deserved time in the spotlight, we wanted to share their stories and a few favorite products of theirs.

Wax & Wool

The small batch, hand poured soy wax candles from Kjerste and team of Puyallup-based Wax & Wool take inspiration from the seasons, the home, and the nature of the Pacific Northwest. Wax & Wool has a strong focus on quality and craftsmanship and the team prides themselves on being a small business. We personally have found that W&W candles are remarkably even- and long-burning!

A lit candle in an amber-colored jar is placed on a wood table, surrounded by pine leaves, pinecones, and wood.

Evergreen State 9 oz. Candle - 22$

We're proud to live in the PNW, and that's why Wax & Wool candles have a special place in our heart. Many of their scents, like Evergreen State, are inspired by the nature of the Pacific Northwest. This candle is a loving homage to the old growth forests of Washington, with strong aromas of cypress, pine, spruce and sandalwood, as well notes of moss and musk, and finally rounded out with a bit of citrus!

Two candles in glass jars are lying on a white background, surrounded by citrus and herbs.

Spring Clean 9 oz. Candle - 22$

For a fresh, bright candle that will instantly make your home feel refreshed, we recommend the Spring Clean scent. Citrus top notes are complemented by herbal aromas of mint and basil, all tied together with soothing eucalyptus and base leafy scent. Not to mention, the simple jars used by Wax & Wool are some of the most versatile vessels that can suit any home decor and can be endlessly reused when the candle has burned down! 

Anchored NW

Anchored Northwest's candles are lovingly crafted in Spokane, WA, and both their seasonal and classic scents are very well-loved around here! Everything from their American-grown soy wax to the natural blends of essential oil-infused fragrances are chosen for their upmost quality. A special feature of Anchored NW candles is their wood wicks, which are known for their soothing crackle and slower burn-time. 

A candle in a galvanized metal tin with a wood wick sits on a blank background. The label reads Sea Salt & Orchid.

Sea Salt & Orchid 10 oz. Candle - 22$

The Sea Salt & Orchid candle is a perennial crowd pleaser: sweet, floral, but still grounded. Unique fragrances like lily of the valley and ozone blend with classic sea salt, jasmine, and wood to make this a perfect everyday candle. We think the galvanized metal vessel is similarly unique while still being versatile.

A candle in a galvanized metal container with a wooden wick. The label reads Summer Sangria.

Summer Sangria 10 oz. Candle - 22$ (Restock coming soon!)

Anchored NW's summer scents flew off the shelves, but as we're eagerly awaiting more, we wanted to highlight one of our favorites. Both tart and sweet with lots of depth, just like its namesake, Summer Sangria is a totally new take on summer scents. While tropical-themed scents are understandably beloved as warm weather rolls in, we think this scent is a standout that is still undeniably summery.

En Light Candle Co.

Out in Gig Harbor, Brianne of En Light Candle Co. hand-pours her candles with care and love. Made with all natural, phthalate-free fragrances and USA-grown soy wax, En Light candles exemplify the extra thought and intention that you get from a small maker. All of their scents are carefully blended, and with a wide array of choices you're sure to find your next favorite scent.

10 off-white tealights are seen from above on a blank background.

Scented Tea Lights - $1.95

We love selling En Light's scented tealights because we think it's an affordable way to make life a little more special. They're perfect as a gift add-on, a special touch for your next date night, or a low-commitment way to try a new scent. If you decide you'd like the full-size candle, you can always pick one up at our sister shop, Paper Luxe! If you're finding it hard to decide, these are some of our top choices:

  • West Coast is a classic beachy scent with a bergamot twist.
  • Sea Salt is a soothing and clean scented candle inspired by the ocean.
  • Main Squeeze is a favorite with fresh and uplifting citrus scents.

Naty's Candles

Like many candle makers, Natalie of Naty's Candles started as a passionate hobbyist. She decided to launch her store after seeing the joy her candles brought to her loved ones, and we're very glad she did! With a focus on clean, natural scents in repurposed wooden vessels, Naty's Candles are perfect for someone who loves simplicity and quality in their candles.

A top-down view of a  candle in an oval wooden bowl that has three wicks and a tag attached by a string. It sits on a background of eucalyptus.

Day at the Spa Three Wick Candle in Dough Bowl - $40

With a bit of sweetness from sugarcane and blackcurrant fragrances, brightness from lemongrass, and a dash of down-to-earth patchouli, Day at the Spa is the perfect candle to soothe and revitalize. We're wild for Naty's Candle's use of hand-carved vessels, like this oval dough bowl: large enough to be a statement, neutral enough to speak to any decor. We also love that the three wicks mean the candle is sure to burn evenly with great scent throw!

A top-down view of a candle in a square wooden vessel, against a blank background and surrounded by eucalyptus.

Citronella Candle in Wooden Cheese Mold - $28

Nothing ruins a pleasant summer evening outside quicker than bugs, which is why we love our citronella around here! The ultra-lemony scent of Naty's Candles' Citronella Candle is sure to naturally repel mosquitos when you're outdoors. And who doesn't love the geometric-but-rustic cheese mold it comes in?

We love to support local candlemakers because of their creativity, integrity, and quality. Since you can never have too many candles, they also make the perfect gift (especially when paired with an accessory like this wick trimmer by Anchored Northwest)! As always, you can shop for all our locally-made candles online or in-store. 

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