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Our Favorite Pantry Products

Our Favorite Pantry Products

We like to keep our pantries stocked with high-quality ingredients that we know we'll use all the time, and same goes for our store's pantry section! Whether you're looking for staple items that will help elevate every meal, or the perfect ingredients for a quick dinner, we've got you covered. Read on for our favorite individual products, and a few pairing recommendations to make delicious meals (or even gifts for your foodie friends)!

Each of these items are easy to use AND will step up your cooking. One way to enhance your dishes is by using specialty olive oil, especially with salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. We recommend starting with a garlic-infused one, since every dish could use more garlic! 
Keeping special salts and spices on hand will also add to your cooking game. Our Truffle Sel de Guérande, for example, is a lovely finishing salt that will add depth to your favorite savory dishes (a little goes a long way!). Spice sets like Spicewalla's taco collection are a great shortcut to quickly get amazing flavors. 
We also love when we can add a twist to our sweet faves, like jam! Rose City Pepperheads are a Portland-based business that combine spicy and sweet with their award-winning pepper jellies. Even if you have a low spice tolerance, their milder options like Marionberry Blast are a delicious option! And if you want no spice at all, we think having a special sugar can also give your sweet treats some pizazz. Our salted-caramel flavored brown sugar, for example, is a crowd-pleasing sweetener that's equally delicious stirred into coffee as it is topping baked goods.

A bag of brown overnight oats in a bag with a blue label and a jar of a chocolate spread are pictured on a light grey background with a plus in between them. Text at the top reads "decadent overnight oats". Under the oats the copy reads "Prepare chocolate espresso overnight oats". Under the spread it reads "Stir in nut and chocolate spread!"

If you love breakfast oats, then this combo is for you! Anchor Oats, based right here in Tacoma, makes the best overnight oats in delicious flavors, without compromising on quality. We love their chocolate espresso oats, and think mixing in some delicious chocolate-and-nutty spread would send it over the top as the ultimate decadent breakfast!
A bag of green pasta nests, a jar of pesto, and a glass container of salt are on a light grey background, with plus signs between them. The text at the top reads "ten minute pasta". The copy under the pasta reads "Spinach tagliatelle nests made with high quality pasta". The copy under the pesto reads "Classic basil and parmesan pesto". The copy under the salt reads "Flavored salt garnish!"
Tagliatelle - 8.99
 Pesto - 12

Only have a few minutes to spare for preparing your dinner? Pasta and sauce is a classic quick meal, but why not step it up with extra-amazing ingredients? These tagliatelle nests are made with high quality durum wheat, semolina, and spinach, and are so delicious you could eat them happily with just a bit of olive oil and parm! But we like to take it a step further and toss it with some delicious pesto (and reserved pasta water of course) and top it all with some garlic and thyme flavored salt. That's a ten minute meal that's delicious to boot!  

A bottle of olive oil, a book cover reading "That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life", a set of gold and wood utensils, a wooden board, and a set of three jams against a light gray background. Text at the top reads "Just add cheese!"
Bonus! Not only are these pantry items good for your kitchen, but can make an amazing gift...and there's no gift more amazing than a charcuterie-themed one! Take your pick of our beautiful wooden boards (we love this uniquely-shaped acacia wood one), a set of spreaders, and one of our top selling books on how to make an amazing cheese board, and pair it with some delicious olive oil and pepper jellies for kick! Just add cheese and you have a show-stopping gift basket.
We love keeping our kitchens stocked with high quality, versatile ingredients that make every dish taste a little bit better. If you do, too, then check out our pantry goods during your next grocery run. As always, all of our food items are available online or in the store.
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