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Our Favorite Summer Cookbooks (and More!)

Our Favorite Summer Cookbooks (and More!)

We've had some beautiful weather lately that has us dreaming of summer - a time of cookouts, days at the beach, camping, road trips, and sunny days drifting in to warm nights. To celebrate this beautiful season, we're highlighting a few of our favorite summery cookbooks! Read on for a rundown of everything from seasonal cooking to celebrations of BBQ to some of our favorite items for entertaining.

Summer: A Cookbook - $19.95

Portland-based food writers Marnie Hanel and Jen Stevenson haven't just written a cookbook, but a guide to having the perfect summer. Summer: A Cookbook features tips and tricks for everything from scouting the best spot in the sand to packing for a boat day to even calling out of the office. Of course, Hanel and Stevenson also provide refreshing, delicious recipes for all meals and all situations. Sudden summer storm? In need of an easy potluck offering? Confused by seafood lingo? Summer: A Cookbook will help you through it all with humor and fun. 

The Complete Summer Cookbook - $32.99

This comprehensive cookbook by America's Test Kitchen is jam-packed with recipes that are perfect for living in the sunshine. True to form, America's Test Kitchen extensively tested every one of these 500 recipes to ensure their excellence in taste and technique. This collection of meals has a focus on the amazing produce of the season as well as ease and looseness - after all, no one wants to be sweating over the stove for hours when the temperatures rise. Standout sections include farmer's market-inspired main courses, fruity and refreshing drinks, and guides on preserving the best fruits and veggies that summer has to offer. If you're entertaining outdoors with some of these recipes, cover up your meals with this beautiful woven bamboo cloche.

Rodney Scott's World of BBQ - $29.99

Legendary Pitmaster Rodney Scott is world-renowned for his whole-hog barbecue, and in World of BBQ he shares stories, advice, and recipes borne from a lifelong passion for his craft. Community, care, and creative expression are core values for which barbecue is the perfect vessel. In addition to recipes for classic barbecue dishes, in this book you'll find out how to make the perfect sides, deserts, and cocktails to go with them. Beyond the recipes themselves (which are as varied and excellent as BBQ can be), Scott shares stories from his life, family, and career that will leave you feeling inspired to spread joy through cooking just like he does at his restaurants in South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia. 

Foolproof BBQ - $19.99

If you're newer to the grill, or maybe just want a quick-and-easy guide that will give you great results for less, Genevieve Taylor's Foolproof BBQ is the book for you. Taylor is an expert in live-fire cooking, and brings this knowledge to grilling anything you want - meats, poultry, veggies, and even desserts. Each recipe in the cookbook was tested on a standard kettle barbecue with a lid, so nothing fancier than that is required! We think pairing Taylor's book with this trio of BBQ Pepper Jellies would make an amazing gift!

Campfire Cuisine - $15.95

Everything tastes better when you're camping, but why not step up your campfire game this summer? Robin Donovan's Campfire Cuisine gives you all the knowledge you need to bring gourmet cooking to your next outdoor adventure, with recipes like Veggie Polenta Scramble, Orange-Herb Salmon, or Rum-Baked Peaches. To ensure that everything you cook is both safe and easy, Donovan gives advice on everything from equipment to fire safety to meal planning. This little book is a must-have for any camper or outdoor-loving cook this summer. Why not also grab a scented firestarter to help you on your way to the perfect campfire meal?

Road Trip Cooking - $24.99

Whether you're driving to a new city or a natural wonder, every road trip is faced with a dilemma: how to eat well without blowing your budget. In Road Trip Cooking, couple and owners of Dutch catering company The Holy Kauw Arno and Mireille Van Elst bring recipes straight from their own campervan. With the spirit of resourcefulness at its core, you'll be glad to have Road Trip Cooking whether you're hitting the road with a single burner stove, fire, barbecue, or even your car engine! If you're enjoying your food outside, add a citronella candle by Anchored Northwest to keep the bugs away!  

The Pacific Northwest Seafood Cookbook - $27.95

What's more summery than delicious seafood? Whether you're in the PNW or not, Naomi Tomky will show you how to cook a wide variety of seafood with the style and traditions of the northwest. Not only that, but Tomky will give an entrancing look into the history and cultures behind different dishes that all make up the tapestry of Pacific Northwest seafood cuisine. Serve it all on a lovely platter to highlight the natural beauty of Tomky's recipes.

We're ready for summer to come in full so we can cook up a storm. The passion and knowledge behind all of these cookbooks certainly has us feeling inspired to make delicious dishes for ourselves and our loved ones. Whether you're shopping online or in-store, you're sure to find these and many more amazing cookbooks to guide you through the season!

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