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Plant Lover Mondays: Shop Our Weekly Plant Sale!

Plant Lover Mondays: Shop Our Weekly Plant Sale!

We love to share our love of all things plants, which is why every Monday we offer 10% off all of our plants (just use the code PLANTS10)! 

Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or a houseplant beginner, this is a great way to add to your collection. To celebrate Plant Lover Mondays, we wanted to highlight a few special plants with some tips on how to best care for them!

Philodendron Super Atom

A plant sits in a blue pot. it has dark green, roundish leaves.

Philodendron Super Atom - $18

Difficulty Level: Beginner 

These charming Philodendron cultivars arrived at our shop recently, and we're happy to say that they're just as easygoing as the rest of their family. Tropical plants known for their bold, varied foliage, the philodendron is also quite adaptable to various indoor conditions. They prefer medium to bright indirect light, regular waterings, and higher humidity, but will likely do just fine if your space is missing some of those qualities. Since the Super Atom is a compact cultivar, they will stay smaller and bushier than, for example, a Monstera Deliciosa, which would eventually need to be supported. This makes them an excellent beginner plant that requires less upkeep. Tip: Wipe down the glossy, ruffled leaves regularly to keep the foliage clean and better able to photosynthesize! 

Senecio String of Dolphins 

A succulent sits in a striped pot. It has trailing vines with fleshy leaves that resemble dolphins.

String of Dolphins - $12

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Our String of Pearls plants are always popular, but we are also in love with its cousin plant, the String of Dolphins! Bearing an amazing resemblance to a pod of jumping dolphins, they will add a playful element wherever you place them. Let the vines trail over its planter, or train them to climb upward on a trellis or pole! Luckily, these are easygoing plants that ask only for a bright spot in your house. Since they're drought tolerant plants that retain water, they will prefer to dry out before being watered thoroughly (we like to bottom water plants like these!). For these and any other cactus or succulent, we highly recommend planting them with a specially mixed, well-draining soil, like that by Oh Happy Plants!


Stromanthe Triostar

A plant with lance, shaped variegated leaves in shades of green, pink, and cream.
Stromanthe triostar - Starting at $16


Difficulty level: Intermediate - Advanced

We're super excited to have gotten our hands on some Stromanthe Triostars. These stunning members of the Marantacae or Prayer Plant family (think Calatheas!) have pink, cream, and forest green leaves with hot pink undersides - a total standout! Like most Prayer Plants, however, they have a unique set of needs, so we recommend them for more experienced plant parents. Since Stromanthe are tropical, the more you can mimic their natural environment the happier they'll be. That means, for one, placing them in a spot with filtered or indirect light - no direct light or they will burn and their beautiful colors will fade! Another major concern is humidity: anything you can do to up the humidity in our naturally dry homes will help, whether you use a humidifier, pebble tray, mister, or simply group multiple plants together. Finally, use clean water when the top of the soil begins to dry, keeping them evenly moist but not soggy. By clean water we mean distilled or spring, preferably, but in a pinch tap water left out overnight will work.

It's a lot of fuss, but we think the beauty of this plant repays the effort many times over.


Alocasia Calidora


A plant with large, bright green, deeply ribbed leaves.

Alocasia Calidora - $76

Difficulty Level: Intermediate - Advanced

This showstopper of a plant is also known as the Elephant's Ear plant, and we can see why! Dramatically large, lush green leaves emerge from the upright stems, making a statement wherever it's placed! Among the largest in the Alocasia family, it shares the same needs for a tropical-like environment. We list it as a plant needing advanced care, mostly because it can be hard to achieve the conditions it needs, and in our experience it can show signs of sunburn or overwatering far quicker than other plants. Not to mention it will want more constant attention than less tropical plants. However, if you successfully keep Calathea, ferns, or other Alocasia plants, you are likely well prepared to take on this beautiful houseplant! Warmth, humidity, and consistent moisture are a must for the Calidora. Don't let it drop below 61°F, and boost the humidity with the same techniques that we mentioned with the Stromanthe Triostar. This is not a drought resistant plant, so make sure to keep its soil evenly moist, but not soggy. Finally, keep it in a location with medium or bright indirect light - never full sun - that mimics the dappled light of a tropical forest floor. 

Once you find its sweet spot, the Calidora will make an eye catching houseplant that can grow to an impressive size. 

Little Fiddle

A plant sits in a blue pot. It has dark green, violin shaped leaves.

Ficus Lyrata Compacta (Little Fiddle) - $14.95

Difficulty Level: Advanced

Any plant parent will know, love, and have struggled with the Ficus lyrata, or Fiddle Leaf Fig, but we think the compacta variety is worth a mention, too! The little fiddle gives us the same violin-shaped leaves that make the standard version so popular, but in miniature, at about half the size. Despite the leaves, the compacta isn't all that compact! It can eventually reach sizes of up to 5 feet with proper care (compared to the 6-10 foot maximum height of a standard lyrata). It's a great alternative to a large Fiddle Leaf if your space is smaller, or if the huge leaves just aren't your style. 

Of course, big or little, a Fiddle Leaf Fig is a particular plant to care for (and if you want the look with none of the fuss, we also have faux Fiddle Leaf Fig plants!). Here are some general tips to help you care for your plant:

  • Give it bright, indirect light. Full sun will burn it, and low light will hinder its growth.
  • Keep it evenly moist, but not sitting in water. Ensure it has good drainage, and water when the top inches of the soil are dry.
  • Supplement your humidity with the same tricks we mentioned for the Stromanthe Triostar!

These, of course, are just a small selection of the wide array of houseplants we love. We want to keep highlighting favorite or special plants, and hopefully give some helpful tips and inspiration for your own collection! Unfortunately, we don't ship plants at this time, so they're all only available for pickup in-store. Shop the Plant Lover Monday sale online with the code PLANTS10, or stop by the shop to check them all out! 

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