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Rifle Paper Co. Rugs and Pillows for Every Decor Style!

Rifle Paper Co. Rugs and Pillows for Every Decor Style!

Rifle Paper Co. is a household name, famous for their signature floral and botanical patterns found on products ranging from greeting cards to home goods. While you can find everything stationary and gift at our sister store Paper Luxe, here at The Crest Home we proudly carry their rugs, pillows, and wallpapers.

Several paintings of gouache on paper are scattered on a table. They feature floral designs in many colors. There are spools of thread, tubes of paint, and color samples arranged on top.

All of Rifle Paper Co.'s products begin as one of Bond's gouache paintings.

All Rifle Paper Co. products begin as a painting of gouache on paper by Anna Bond. When the illustrator and co-owner partnered with Loloi to expand the range of goods to include larger home goods, she had to learn to adapt her signature style to a completely different scale. Instead of painting a card the exact size of the final product that could be printed with total fidelity, she had to consider the limitations of detail, material, and palette that comes with textiles. By taking inspiration from her Armenian roots, as well as putting her spin on traditional styles and tapestries, Bond brings a touch of beauty, fantasy, playfulness, and warmth into her designs. Whether pillows embroidered with vibrant flowers, or plush wool rugs that welcome you into your home, her designs bring a smile to our faces and the faces of many customers that walk in our doors!

 All that said, let's lead you through some of our favorite rugs and pillows for different home decor aesthetics!

Colorful and Fun

Bright yellow rug with cream cursive writing that reads "Hello Sunshine!"

Yellow Minnie 'Hello Sunshine' Rug - $100

We think this rug from the Minnie collection would be perfect for an entryway, bathroom, or a small space that could use a pop of bright color and cheer! We love the charming message and simplicity, and since it's a plush hooked rug made of 100% wool and a cotton canvas backing you can rest assured of its durability.

A white pillow with embroidered flowers and leaves in pink, purple, green, and gold.

Botanical Raspberry Pillow - $100

The rich jewel tones of this pillow are a delight for the eyes! This is a perfect example of how effectively Anna Bond's paintings are brought to life with beautiful embroidery. Toss this on your couch to instantly elevate your living room!

Lover of Pastels

A light grey rug with a border of blue lines and botanicals. Inside the border is a symmetrical pattern with trees and botanicals rendered in light blues, greens, pinks, and brown for the trunks of the trees.
With a design reminiscent of traditional tapestries, this printed rug from the Jardin collection brings a whimsical fantasy forest into your space. The trees and botanicals are a classic motif infused with magic thanks to the palette of pastel greens, blues, and pinks on the lightest of gray backgrounds.
A square velvet pillow that is completely covered in a pastel-colored floral print.
Instead of embroidery on cotton canvas, this Luisa Pillow is made with printed velvet, allowing the pattern to completely cover the front and back of the pillow. The material is super soft, and if you adore the Luisa pattern like we do you'll love having this pillow on your couch or bed!

Dark Colors

A black pillow with silvery-white embroidery. A square decorative border encloses a repeating pattern of florals and leaves.
Black and white are classic, especially for modern or industrial decor styles, but can all-too-easily veer into being too cold or contrasting. We love this pillow because the florals soften the color combo, while the border and pattern keep some edge and modernity. A super flexible design that would suit many styles!
A rectangular rug with a black background. It has a loose border of red, pink, and blue flowers and features a multicolored bouquet of florals and leaves in the center.
The Juliet Rose is a favorite pattern among Rifle Paper Co. enthusiasts, and as a rug it's even more lovely thanks to the rich colors and supersized flowers. The black background and dark accent colors for the leaves help tone down the  iconic Anna Bond florals so that it can suit any space.

Classic is Always in Style

A square white pillow embroidered with different flowers of blue, green, and gold, arranged in a grid. The flowers are separated by embroidered gold arches.
We're in love with the Hawthorne collection - from wallpaper to pillow, the motif of flowers in arches, as well as the classic color combinations, make it a beautiful and timeless choice. This cream pillow looks amazing with its shimmering gold accents and flowers in subdued yellows and blues.
A rectangular rug with a navy background and rust-colored borders on the edge and part-way in. It has a symmetrical floral pattern.
The Florence collection feels fresh thanks to the beautiful shades of warm terra-cotta and cool navy that background classic Anna Bond florals. The power-looming technique allows for the added detail in this collection, and we just love the way it can tie into so many decor styles without being too busy!

Modern and Clean

A rectangle line with concentric colored borders around a cream center. From outside in the colors of the border are coral, peach, teal, green, light blue, blue, navy, and tan.
Painted Stripe Rug - $300 (was $375)
Bold concentric borders give this rug a modern edge, and artfully chosen colors allow it to tie into many different palettes. We think that this rug would suit an office in need of subtle color, or perhaps under a long coffee table in your living room!
A white square pillow with a green embroidered split-leaf monstera deliciosa leaf in the center.
Whether you're a houseplant parent of many or just want a modern tropical touch to your space, adorn your space with the beloved Monstera Deliciosa leaf! If you have a neutral are in need of a pop of color, you can't go wrong with this bold design in both warm and cool greens.

Vintage With a Twist

A square pillow with large crewel embroidered florals. The florals are in shades of blue with grey leaves and extend to the edge of the pillow.
Taking from Rifle Paper Co.'s classic Vintage Blossoms collection, this pillow gives it punch by supersizing the edge-to-edge florals. The unique mix of embroidery styles adds texture and interest, while the lovely cool blues are refreshing and versatile!
A rectangle rug with a dusty blue background. The rug is patterned with stems of peony flowers and buds.
This rug from the Peonies collection has calming colors of slate blue, cream, and cool greens with a pop of peach. The design could easily be taken straight from vintage wallpaper or fabric, but putting the pattern sans border on a rug adds just the right amount of contemporary. This rug would pair beautifully with furniture made of materials like leather, warm wood, and gold.
These are just a sampling of the products we have available, and we're so excited to get some of Rifle Paper Co.'s brand new designs soon (and will definitely be posting all about it)! We're also able to custom order almost any of the rugs or pillows, in case you have your heart set on a size or design that's not currently in stock - just shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help you out. Shop the rest of the collection on our website or stop by the store to check them out in person!
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