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The Best Baking Cookbooks (+ What to Buy With Them!)

The Best Baking Cookbooks (+ What to Buy With Them!)

Baking is an incredibly rewarding (and delicious!) hobby, but it can be difficult, too! That's why we like to have cookbooks on hand that will guide us through everything from the basics to the advanced techniques, so our sourdoughs, crumbles, pies and cookies always turn out right. Luckily, we have some amazing books covering all kinds of baking for all experience levels, right here in the store. The bakers who wrote these books are passionate and thoughtful in how they create recipes and teach techniques, and we're excited to go through some of them alongside some special baking-themed products.
 A book cover, the top section says "Dessert Person" and the bottom says "Claire Saffitz". Pictured is a one-layer cake with blood orange slices on top. One slice has been cut and is being lifted off of the wood board it's placed on.
Claire Saffitz became a household name with her super popular videos on Bon Appetit of her trying to recreate popular snack foods with her knowledge as a pastry chef. In her debut cookbook Dessert Person, she explores her love for sweets and dessert. To be a dessert person, in Saffitz' view, means seeing that no foods are good or bad, moral or immoral. The book is an encouragement to eat with pleasure and with fewer restrictions. As an instructional book about baking, it is comprehensive, but clear; you won't just understand what to do, but why, thereby building your confidence as a baker. And whether you're just starting your baking journey or feel like an expert already, investing in beautiful a glazed stoneware batter bowl set will certainly help you level up your setup.
Two of the same book are placed upright on a white background. One shows the front and the other shows the back. The cover says "100 Cookies" on a pink circle against a background of various cookies.
Do you love cookies, bars, brownies, and other small baked treats? 100 Cookies is self-taught baker and self-proclaimed cookie lover Sarah Kieffer's exploration of one hundred different kinds of cookie recipes. They range in difficulty and technique, but are all made achievable with her clear instructions, beautiful photography, and helpful tips. 100 Cookies is also an ode to the humble cookie and all of the nostalgia it can hold. As a self-taught baker, Kieffer built her skills over the years, first as a teen, and then as a college student in a coffeeshop, from her passion and joy in the craft. Her experiences prove that anyone can learn to bake delicious and unique sweets, but this book will certainly help you along! To help with all of the cookie dough-rolling you'll be doing, why not invest in a white marble rolling pin? The heavier rolling pin helps keep the rolling even, and the marble is easy to clean as well as beautiful!
A book cover with an orange square in the left side of the middle of the page, with white text that says "Sourdough on the Rise". A loaf of brown bread is cut into slices and scattered on a marble background.
From nursing your starter to pulling your boule out of the oven, Sourdough on the Rise guides the novice bread baker through every step needed for the perfect loaf of sourdough bread. Sourdough bread has only three ingredients (four if you count the yeast that gives it its sour), but that simplicity is deceptive. Flour, water, and salt need to come together in a special order to become the magical, delicious sourdough every novice is out to achieve. Author Cynthia Lair uses this book each and every step, and includes troubleshooting and recipes for all kinds of sourdough loaves. Don't forget to grab a dough cutter, an essential baker's tool, and you'll have beautiful bread in no time!
A book cover with a top-down view of a cake with white icing and chopped pistachios. Some slices have been cut and there is a hand reaching for one. The cover reads "snacking" on top, and "cakes" on the bottom.
Cakes are the ultimate show-stopper dessert: towering layers, intricate decorations, and time-consuming, finicky techniques come to mind when many people imagine baking a cake. But cakes can also be easy and satisfying, a way to make extra sweetness and joy available to grab-and-go throughout your day. Cakes you can snack on, that are quick, one-layer, and simply iced (or have no icing at all), are Yossy Arefi's focus in this book. She ensures every recipe requires just one bowl, and can be used with the simplest tools and ingredients, many of which most people likely have already. This is the perfect way to integrate easy, joyful baking into your everyday life. To serve and show off your delicious cakes, consider investing in a beautiful cake knife and server set.
A book cover with a top-down view of a pie with a full top and red filling. It has one slice missing, and is in a dish. It is on a blueish wooden background. In the upper right section, the cover reads "Art of Pie".
Art of the Pie is the ultimate, comprehensive guide to pies. Self-taught, lifelong pie baker Kate McDermott is renowned for her "pie camp" courses, where she teaches essential skills to beginning bakers across the country. In Art of the Pie, she reflects on pie as an expression of love and connection to the past, and everything that pie making has taught her about life. A deeply heartfelt and inspiring read, this book is likewise a repository of recipes, fundamentals, tips, and other resources for becoming an amazing baker of pies. To display your beautiful creations, why not get a cake stand to show them off properly?
A book cover with a pie with a spiraling lattice design against a colorful mosaic background of triangles. The cover reads "Pieometry" under the pie in white letters.
Pieometry - 32.50
Lauren Ko's Pieometry is a project in uniting design and baking. Ko was an experienced home cook and baker who avoided pies at all costs, but she overcame her fear of baking pie when she saw beautiful pies on the internet. Her first attempts weren't ideal, but, inspired to use pies as an artistic medium, she kept trying. Now known for her intricate, modern, geometric style, her pies have found a huge fanbase online. In Pieometry she shares both recipes and her innovative, but easily replicable, techniques for stunning pie tops. With Ko as your guide, not only can you make pies and tarts, but make them beautifully. For such a beautiful book, and equally beautiful cookbook holder in a geometric style is a must!
A book cover with a top-down view of a baked, circular loaf of bread on a grey background. The top says "Mastering Bread"
Mastering Bread - 32.50
Renowned chef Marc Vetri teamed up with longtime collaborator and baker Claire Kopp McWilliams to write about the art of handmade breads and pastries in this thorough, thoughtful book. Mastering Bread began with an appreciation for farm-to-table, homemade, artisan foods. It couldn't exist without the global shift towards sustainable, high-quality ingredients. While not everyone can afford specialty ingredients, bread has always been for everyone, intertwined with civilization. Fresh flours are becoming more and more widely available, but you can use whatever you have on hand and still benefit from this book. It's a foray into baking techniques, where the science behind concepts like fermentation is clearly explained, and you'll come out the other end more informed and inspired to bake delicious food.
What all of these bakers and these cookbooks set out to prove is that anyone can bake. You can be inspired by bread, cookies, cakes, pie, or every kind of baked good under the sun, but as long as you take care to learn the fundamentals, it is a skill for everyone. Not only that, it can give a sense of personal satisfaction, and spread love and joy when you bake for others. These are our favorite baking-themed books, but be sure to check out our store online or in-person to see all that we have to offer. Good luck on your baking journey!
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