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Takara Bottle Rest


A beautiful and bold way to display your wine everyday or when guests come for dinner. 

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 10.6 x 5.5 x 13.4 in.

***IN-STORE PICKUP ONLY DUE TO WEIGHT. If you'd like to ship, please email us your shipping address and we can provide you a custom quote.***

For over a century, Indonesia has been one of the foremost sources of teak in the world. This beautiful golden-toned wood has been prized by modernist designers and traditional wood craftsmen for its resistance to cracking or warping. As foresters log off the mature stands, they leave behind stumps and roots that would typically be burned out of the soil. Enterprising Indonesians realized that the wood in these stumps had the same basic qualities as the trunk wood prized throughout the world, but with irregularities that seemed to express the living spirit of the wood. For generations now, these village craftsmen have extracted the roots and worked them into beautiful household products with a unique, organic nature that animates their creations.