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Blue Blossoms Rectangle Spoon Rest


Many kitchen supplies make a kitchen simply functional while some of them make time in the kitchen both easier and more beautiful. Our artisan Blue Blossoms Rectangle Spoon Rest is one of the latter problem-solving items. Place it on the stove for a convenient place to rest a messy spoon while cooking, use during parties for resting spoons between serving or place beside the microwave or teapot to hold tea bags. The unique rectangular shape suits many sizes and shapes of spoons as well as other serving utensils like tongs and forks. With a classic navy and white design of delicate flowers, this spoon rest makes a simple but beautiful statement suitable for any kitchen. Give as a holiday, birthday, housewarming or anytime gift. Don't forget you can give this lovely and convenient item to yourself, too. Everyone deserves more ease in the kitchen.

  • Size: 6"w x 3.5"h
  • Materials: stoneware
  • Care Instructions: Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe