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Tillandsia 'Assorted'

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Botanical Name: Tillandsia

These striking plants are unique for their ability to live completely without soil. Aptly nicknamed "airplants", all these need to thrive are regular dunks in water and misting to keep them humid and moist. Whether mounted on wood, placed in a terrarium, or poking out of a mini pot, tillandsia are an easy and pleasant way to accent your space with an out-of-this-world plant.

The actual product may differ from the one pictured, as each individual plant is unique. Size is approximate, between 1 1/2 - 3 inches.

LightAir plants should be kept where they'll receive bright, indirect sunlight or under fluorescent home/office lighting. Periods of direct sunlight are just fine, but more than a few hours of hot sun will deplete the plants of their moisture. If your plant will be in a spot with some pretty direct light, try misting them every couple of days to keep them hydrated.

Water: Thoroughly mist/spray or rinse your tillandsia 1-3 times a week with water (more in a hot/dry climate and less often in a cold/humid one) and shake off excess moisture before placing back in its container. Approximately once every 2-3 weeks, soak your tillandsia in clean water for 15-25 minutes