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Stromanthe sanguinea - Triostar


Botanical Name: Stromanthe sanguinea

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Gorgeous foliage in dramatic colors make this Brazilian native a must-have for your indoor houseplant collection. Each emerald green leaf looks like a masterpiece, brushed with creamy white, light green and sometimes pink. Its leaves are sometimes held upright, revealing red undersides. If your plant changes its "look" throughout the day, there's a reason. Stromanthe is a member of the Marantaceae family of prayer plants. Its leaves turn to follow the sunlight throughout the day, then close at night, just like its family members. 

Light: Bright light is essential for good leaf color. Put your plant where it'll get plenty of light, but protect Stromanthe sanguinea from hot midday sun, which may cause brown scorch marks on leaves. 

Water: Allow top 1-inch (2.5 cm) to dry out before watering. Take care not to over-water -- soggy soil will cause Stromanthe sanguinea stems to collapse, and may lead to root rot. It's a good idea to use a pot with a drainage hole; water thoroughly, then empty drainage tray. Water less in winter, but don't allow the plant to dry out.